• Chris and Danielle

  • This is Chris and Danielle, and they have two beautiful children, Ella and Charlie.  Aren’t they just a beautiful family??!  Danielle was my daughter’s 1st grade teacher, so it was an absolute honor to take this adventure with them.  As many of you San Antonians know, we went to Walker Ranch Park, known by the windmill in the background – what a WONDERFUL time.  Ella was a hoot!  I had my daughter, Bailey, with me as my assistant, and she already knew Ella and Danielle, so she was able to get Ella warmed up very quickly.

    Danielle and Chris arrived in their blue colors for the first half of the session.  LOVED IT!  We went to the center of the park where all the foliage is and captured some beautiful back-lit moments.  We were next to -what looked to be- an armadillo hole, and there was a Chihuahua chasing a deer behind the scenes, so imagine that as you scroll through the gallery images… haha.  It makes it that much more fun and memorable.

    The second outfit was, as you see above, so perfectly coordinated!  I absolutely love it! We traveled toward the windmill and the bridge for this outfit, which I think turned out just beautifully.  Charlie was all smiles every time he heard Mamma’s voice, and even Ella was loving on him which was adorable.  Thank you Chris and Danielle for this amazing San Antonio Photography experience you gave me and all the fun memories we now share.  Check out more from this session in the Children and Family galleries!

    ~Hannah Charis

  • Brad and Lindsey

  • Meet Brad and Lindsey, and their beautiful, rosy-cheeked daughter, Maddie!  You guys!  I had so much fun on this session!  So – back story.  We had to reschedule this session three times due to rainy days!  (Thank you, Lord for the rain, absolutely!)  Then, we finally arrive at the beautiful Land Library for the Classic San Antonio family photography session and low & behold…. they are under construction until September.  Boy, did we ever make lemonade!  We drove down the road to the Japanese Tea gardens where Maddie turned on the charm!
    Literally, the first frame was so cute, we could have stopped there!  But, of course, we didn’t.  We walked the entire park, down to the waterfall, out to the pond area and back up for some backlit fun.  What a joy and a treasure this family truly is.  They stuck through all the rescheduling with me and we got some amazing results.  Not to mention that DRESS! Remember Brooklynn from CTFOB? Both girls rocked that dress!
    Feel free to browse more from this session by going to my San Antonio Photography Galleries: Family, Children, & Couples.
    ~Hannah Charis

  • Tang Family

  • Meet Da, Jiay, Scarlett and Hugo… the Tang Family!  Also during this session, we were accompanied by Jiay’s mom, dad & brother which you can see by going to the FAMILY gallery.  I had a blast with them, even though I didn’t speak any Chinese!  They were playful and fun and made each other laugh which was perfect!
    So starting out, we took some images of sweet Hugo (only 1 month NEW!), and he was sound asleep which made it SUPER easy!!  What a cutie!  Seriously.  Then, we took about an 8 minute walk down Stone Oak Park before we came to this beautiful opening!  (I love this part of town)  Of course we didn’t venture too far off the path and into the tall grass because of SNAKES and other creepy crawlies, but we were definitely able to capture some WONDERFUL memories.  And by the way, can you believe Jiay?!  This amazing mother just had a baby and she is rockin’ that dress!  Absolutely beautiful.  Scarlett was fun to hang out with as well… she’s two years old but has a beautiful and fun personality already!  I loved watching her twirl, light up when her dad told her in Chinese that she is beautiful and also light up when talking about the moon which we could see from the opening!
    Da, thank you so much for contacting me and Jiay for finding me!  I absolutely loved our adventure together.
    You can find more images from these photos in the FAMILY, CHILDREN and NEWBORN galleries!
    ~Hannah Charis

  • Sadie Olivia, Welcome to the World!

  • First of all, I want to give a shout out to Sophia and say “thank you for the referral!”  Abbie, I am so glad you contacted me.  Sadie is PERFECT!  Finally, on May 12th at 7:44pm, you were able to say, “Sadie Olivia, Welcome to the World!” You and Jamie are such peace-filled parents, and I absolutely loved hanging out with you three, along with Pennie & Oliver.  What a beautiful family!  For those of you who don’t know, Pennie is their Golden and Oliver is their cat, and they both wanted attention while sweet Sadie showed off her cuteness.

    After four hours of the shutter going off and Pennie Kisses, I was able to wrap up and feel so excited to get these images on my computer!  Sadie was wide-eyed the first half and then fell fast asleep for some peaceful moments.  Abbie & Jamie were such troopers the whole time, and they just seem like amazing people with big hearts and lots of pro mom and dad moments already!  I hope to get to photograph their one year family session as well!  I’m a blessed newborn photographer, that’s for sure.

    Check out more peaceful, precious moments from this session in the Newborn Gallery!

  • Nicole's Bachelorette Party

  • What a beautiful and breezy day in San Antonio to celebrate this soon-to-be bride with all her friends!  I thought it was a brilliant idea when Samantha (bridesmaid) contacted me about capturing some memories before the evening began.  I brought my husband along as my assistant, and we both had a wonderful time getting to interact with these amazing ladies.  They all flew into San Antonio from different parts of Wisconsin!  Nicole’s bachelorette party was going to be a blast… there was no doubt about that with Caitlan McDaniel, Emily Bridgman, Cassandra Price, Sarah Shaulis, Brenna Conway, Mary Williams, Natalie Elghossain, and Samantha Hagness all there to make this a night to remember for Nicole Yeska!

    Nicole, I hope your wedding is a dream!  I hope you are able to live out a life, filled with joy & unity, love and longevity!  Many blessings to all of you ladies as you share in the festivities to come!  You can see more from this session in the Bridal Gallery.

    ~Hannah Charis

  • Nate and Sophia + One

  • I am so excited to post this session!  Isn’t Sophia just radiating a glow of beauty?  She chose two absolutely stunning gowns and landed on the Japanese Tea Gardens as the location.  This is Nate and Sophia’s first baby, and they get to welcome a daughter into the world come June/July of 2017.  They exude excitement and peace, both at the same time, and their love for each other makes me even MORE excited for them on this adventure.

    I was so thankful to have Nate there as he helped me hold the reflector to splash some light back into Sophia’s skin tones when we were under trees, and then he held it over my camera when it began to rain. =) It was a true joy to capture these two in this life-changing chapter in time, and I get to share it with you all today.  Enjoy browsing through more photos in the Maternity gallery!!  And thank you, Sophia & Nate + One for inviting me out!  I can’t wait to meet you, little one!  Until Summer…

    ~Hannah Charis

Changing the Face of Beauty
  • Changing the Face of Beauty

  • Join me in celebrating Persayus, along with all the other amazing down syndrome children from the San Antonio headshot clinic for Changing the Face of Beauty!!  These kids are changing the way modeling agencies see beauty, and it was truly an honor to have been invited as one of the three photographers at this event.  We all had the privilege of supporting the mission:


    I hope to see you on billboards soon, all 22 of you beauties who came out with your smiles, light, presence and beauty!

    ~Hannah Charis

  • Bluebonnet Mini Sessions!

  • Bluebonnet season is one of my favorite times of year!  The grass turns green, the weather is perfect, and the kids in the neighborhoods/parks are all outside making memories.  It was an absolute pleasure to get to work with all nine families who came out for this year’s Bluebonnet mini sessions!  The kids were in their “Sunday best”, the parents were enjoying the beauty all around, and I was grinning from ear to ear as I got to interact with the free-spirited, joyful and beautiful children.

    Now the Bluebonnets have dropped their seeds for next year and the spring flowers are rising up and shining bright.  Happy Easter weekend to everyone!  I hope it’s filled with many blessings, God-encounters and blossoming friendships.  My heart is certainly full!  You can view more from these sessions in the Children & Family galleries!!!

    ~Hannah Charis

  • Welcome, Luke Oliva

  • First of all, I’d like to say congratulations to Zachary and Vanessa and welcome, Luke Oliva!  What a handsome boy you have here!  I arrived at the Oliva home around 10am, and we set up near 3 windows in the living room, dogs peering in from outside (it was nice to have the extra company!).  With all my baskets, new backdrop, blankets and posing bed in place, Luke was brought out of the room with his belly nice and full.  We started by putting him in a cute little brown outfit with the heater close by so he felt warm, and during that time he was wide awake.  It was so cute seeing his beautiful, big eyes looking all around.  He would hear Dad’s strong voice and automatically look that way.  These moments make me so grateful for what I do!

    After a while, Luke began to yawn, and we knew it was time for some sleepy pictures.  We bundled him up really tight; however, he managed to get loose… we then laid him on his back for a while for some sibling pictures, and once he was REALLY asleep, we completely filled that time with different hats and blankets for more variety.  We even got to complete this shot you see above with the wooden flag as a backdrop, blue stripe representing the SAPD.  Represent! =)

    Thank You, Oliva Family!  You can see more from this gallery by clicking HERE.

    ~Hannah Charis

  • Soon to be Kelsey Kelley

  • This was a gorgeous, Winter day, just after 4 tornadoes touched down in San Antonio… hard to believe, seeing how still it was.  Kelsey chose Landa Library, mainly for the red brick and beautiful architecture you see above… I’d say she rocked it!  Mom and Dad came with to help, and at one point Kelsey and her dad, Louis, locked eyes and both began to tear up.  What a sweet moment!  It was fun to experience the excitement, joy, beauty and love, all in just one hour together.  Congratulations to Tommy and Kelsey as they just got married on Saturday evening!  To the Mr & Mrs Tommy Kelley, have an amazing time in Cancun!

    Check out the Bridal Gallery to view more of this session…

    ~Hannah Charis