• Andrew and Reena's Announcement

  • Andrew and Reena’s announcement is ready to be shouted from the roof-top… they’re pregnant!  Baby number two is on her way and they are not only in love but ecstatic! Avenish is their three-year-old son, and he’s excited as well.  I was so blessed to have the opportunity to walk around the Japanese Tea Gardens with them and capture some truly wonderful moments.

    Avenish was absolutely adorable as he laughed, smiled, posed and made hulk faces, too!  Haha.  He loved to “pound it” and then “explode it”, causing me to “blow up”!  It was play time at the Japanese Tea Gardens and I was so thankful for that time with him.  I truly wish this family the absolute best as they move to Pasadena, CA and make new memories.  Thank you for contacting me and making my life that much more RICH!

    ~Hannah Charis

  • California Family

  • Time to break out the tripod!  This Summer I had so much fun spending time with my beautiful family.  On the right, the kids are Makenna, Halle, Blake & Landon.  The parents are my sister-in-law and brother, Christina & Elijah.  In the center is my mom and dad, Karen & David.  Next to my dad is my sister, Rachel.  Left of my sister is my family… me, Ben (my hubby) and then left to right is Caleb, Bailey & Jacob.  Raisa is being held by Ben.

    This photo right here is why I am the wealthiest person on Earth.  I LOVE family and this is mine – I’m so excited to share this session with you because they all mean the world to me and I can’t imagine doing life without them.  Even though we are miles and miles apart, we chat every day, stay connected through FaceTime, group threads and traveling to see each other.  You had better bet I have a massive canvas of this photo already in my family room!!! Haha.

    Thanks for stepping into my world for a sec to take a closer look into my California Family!! <3

    ~Hannah Charis

  • Amelia, the Fairy Princess

  • Miss Amelia is finally here!  Isn’t she absolutely perfect?!  She was sure cute in Dena’s adorable belly bump, but getting to see here here with us was truly a treasure.  CLICK HERE to see her belly bump pictures!!!

    When I arrived at Amelia’s house, she was eating breakfast while her daddy, brother and grandparents were all at the house, visiting and excited for the morning ahead.  We went through all the props I brought, all the adorable outfits they had & headbands, and we also went through all the blankets, crouched or knitted with so much love.  One of Dena’s great grandparents had knitted a blanket before Dena was pregnant for when she had a girl someday.  Unfortunately Amelia will not get to meet her great, great grandmother, but she gets to snuggle with her, in a way. =)

    It took a little while to get Amelia to sleep, but with the space heater, a tight wrap, and her mamma’s tender touch, Amelia fell fast asleep!  I think she has been my easiest baby to pose with the exception of the Brackenridge Angel.

    I chose the photo above to showcase for you because Dena and Chris have decorated her room as an enchanted Fairy forest.  Isn’t that a great idea?!! So now you get to meet Amelia, the Fairy Princess!

    ~Hannah Charis

  • Elijah and Christina

  • Aren’t Elijah and Christina just an absolutely beautiful couple?!  They are FILLED with joy, love, passion, Jesus – and they make the most adorable babies!  Blake, Landon, Halle & Makenna are their four beautiful children, and I had the honor and privilege of taking their family pictures while on vacation in California.  Did I mention, that’s my brother & Sister-in-law?! =)

    The pictures here were taken at Mount Lassen where, yes, there is still snow in August!  I even had them do some sitting pictures in the snow! Haha – they were super excited about that! ;). This picture is of them walking in the snow, in flip flops, and they kept falling from the uneven snow… seriously, I wish this were a video instead of a still shot! Haha.  I smile every time I look at this picture because it just shows off how fun they are to hang out with.

    After walking through the snow, we actually went with the entire family to see the Sulphur springs at Sulphur Works! Check out the link for more as it’s a blast to explore.  Thank you, Elijah and Christina, for a fun session, jam-packed with memories!

    I love you guys!!! ~Hannah Charis

  • Chris and Dena

  • Before I left on vacation, I had the privilege of photographing my neighbors as they celebrate their pregnancy!  Chris and Dena, I’m so happy for both of you and can’t wait to meet your sweet girl!  Hurry up, little one, you’re officially past your due date. 😉

    During this session we went to two locations: UIW Red Bridge and Japanese Tea Gardens.  Dena used to be a model, so she definitely made it easy on me behind the camera, and Chris & Gavin did amazing as well!  Despite the heat and humidity, as well as threatened rain, we truly just had fun.  We laughed a lot, walked a bit and made some memories that I hope Chris and Dena can treasure for a lifetime!

    Thank you for sharing this part of your life with me, y’all!  See you at the mailbox! 😉

    ~Hannah Charis

  • Brackenridge Angel

  • Just a couple days ago I met this wonderful couple off Yelp, and we went to Brackenridge Park.  They just had their first baby who was premature and fresh from the hospital.  Isn’t she angelic?!  Miss Addison stole my heart right away and slept THE whole time.  Her parents, Lisa & Andrew, carried such peace and calm with them as they put up with all my crazy instructions and made the whole experience fun!  They even brought their golden retriever, Ace, along for the journey to accompany this Brackenridge Angel.

    We went to a rocky bed beside a small creek and we also spent some time by the zoo train station where the grassy field is.  That’s all we needed!  I wanted to keep every frame from this session because of all the cuteness… seriously, I got home and had to wake up my 18 month old because I missed her so much and had to give her one more hug! (she wasn’t so thrilled)

    Thank you, Lisa and Andrew, for scheduling with me and creating some forever memories!

    ~Hannah Charis

  • Nate, Sophia and Brody Welcome Miss Scarlett

  • Remember Nate and Sophia‘s Maternity photo session??  I had the privilege of photographing that sweet baby bump, captured at the Japanese Tea Gardens and NOW I get to meet Miss Scarlett… and so do you!  Nate, Sophia and Brody welcome Miss Scarlett with open arms and loving paws.

    Once again I was able to experience a loving family in their home, full of joy, pride, peace, giggles and a little barking. =). Brody wanted so badly to be the star of the show.  He found soft blankets to snuggle with and always knew when to look my way! Haha.  Such a sweet, sweet doggie.

    Scarlett was so sweet and peaceful, and I LOVED capturing Nate and Sophia snuggling with her because their love is just so pure with beaming joy.  Thank you for scheduling your newborn and maternity sessions with me!  I love you guys!

    ~Hannah Charis

  • Chris and Danielle

  • This is Chris and Danielle, and they have two beautiful children, Ella and Charlie.  Aren’t they just a beautiful family??!  Danielle was my daughter’s 1st grade teacher, so it was an absolute honor to take this adventure with them.  As many of you San Antonians know, we went to Walker Ranch Park, known by the windmill in the background – what a WONDERFUL time.  Ella was a hoot!  I had my daughter, Bailey, with me as my assistant, and she already knew Ella and Danielle, so she was able to get Ella warmed up very quickly.

    Danielle and Chris arrived in their blue colors for the first half of the session.  LOVED IT!  We went to the center of the park where all the foliage is and captured some beautiful back-lit moments.  We were next to -what looked to be- an armadillo hole, and there was a Chihuahua chasing a deer behind the scenes, so imagine that as you scroll through the gallery images… haha.  It makes it that much more fun and memorable.

    The second outfit was, as you see above, so perfectly coordinated!  I absolutely love it! We traveled toward the windmill and the bridge for this outfit, which I think turned out just beautifully.  Charlie was all smiles every time he heard Mamma’s voice, and even Ella was loving on him which was adorable.  Thank you Chris and Danielle for this amazing San Antonio Photography experience you gave me and all the fun memories we now share.  Check out more from this session in the Children and Family galleries!

    ~Hannah Charis

  • Brad and Lindsey

  • Meet Brad and Lindsey, and their beautiful, rosy-cheeked daughter, Maddie!  You guys!  I had so much fun on this session!  So – back story.  We had to reschedule this session three times due to rainy days!  (Thank you, Lord for the rain, absolutely!)  Then, we finally arrive at the beautiful Land Library for the Classic San Antonio family photography session and low & behold…. they are under construction until September.  Boy, did we ever make lemonade!  We drove down the road to the Japanese Tea gardens where Maddie turned on the charm!
    Literally, the first frame was so cute, we could have stopped there!  But, of course, we didn’t.  We walked the entire park, down to the waterfall, out to the pond area and back up for some backlit fun.  What a joy and a treasure this family truly is.  They stuck through all the rescheduling with me and we got some amazing results.  Not to mention that DRESS! Remember Brooklynn from CTFOB? Both girls rocked that dress!
    Feel free to browse more from this session by going to my San Antonio Photography Galleries: Family, Children, & Couples.
    ~Hannah Charis

  • Tang Family

  • Meet Da, Jiay, Scarlett and Hugo… the Tang Family!  Also during this session, we were accompanied by Jiay’s mom, dad & brother which you can see by going to the FAMILY gallery.  I had a blast with them, even though I didn’t speak any Chinese!  They were playful and fun and made each other laugh which was perfect!
    So starting out, we took some images of sweet Hugo (only 1 month NEW!), and he was sound asleep which made it SUPER easy!!  What a cutie!  Seriously.  Then, we took about an 8 minute walk down Stone Oak Park before we came to this beautiful opening!  (I love this part of town)  Of course we didn’t venture too far off the path and into the tall grass because of SNAKES and other creepy crawlies, but we were definitely able to capture some WONDERFUL memories.  And by the way, can you believe Jiay?!  This amazing mother just had a baby and she is rockin’ that dress!  Absolutely beautiful.  Scarlett was fun to hang out with as well… she’s two years old but has a beautiful and fun personality already!  I loved watching her twirl, light up when her dad told her in Chinese that she is beautiful and also light up when talking about the moon which we could see from the opening!
    Da, thank you so much for contacting me and Jiay for finding me!  I absolutely loved our adventure together.
    You can find more images from these photos in the FAMILY, CHILDREN and NEWBORN galleries!
    ~Hannah Charis