Amelia, the Fairy Princess

Miss Amelia is finally here!  Isn’t she absolutely perfect?!  She was sure cute in Dena’s adorable belly bump, but getting to see here here with us was truly a treasure.  CLICK HERE to see her belly bump pictures!!!

When I arrived at Amelia’s house, she was eating breakfast while her daddy, brother and grandparents were all at the house, visiting and excited for the morning ahead.  We went through all the props I brought, all the adorable outfits they had & headbands, and we also went through all the blankets, crouched or knitted with so much love.  One of Dena’s great grandparents had knitted a blanket before Dena was pregnant for when she had a girl someday.  Unfortunately Amelia will not get to meet her great, great grandmother, but she gets to snuggle with her, in a way. =)

It took a little while to get Amelia to sleep, but with the space heater, a tight wrap, and her mamma’s tender touch, Amelia fell fast asleep!  I think she has been my easiest baby to pose with the exception of the Brackenridge Angel.

I chose the photo above to showcase for you because Dena and Chris have decorated her room as an enchanted Fairy forest.  Isn’t that a great idea?!! So now you get to meet Amelia, the Fairy Princess!

~Hannah Charis

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