Sadie Olivia, Welcome to the World!

First of all, I want to give a shout out to Sophia and say “thank you for the referral!”  Abbie, I am so glad you contacted me.  Sadie is PERFECT!  Finally, on May 12th at 7:44pm, you were able to say, “Sadie Olivia, Welcome to the World!” You and Jamie are such peace-filled parents, and I absolutely loved hanging out with you three, along with Pennie & Oliver.  What a beautiful family!  For those of you who don’t know, Pennie is their Golden and Oliver is their cat, and they both wanted attention while sweet Sadie showed off her cuteness.

After four hours of the shutter going off and Pennie Kisses, I was able to wrap up and feel so excited to get these images on my computer!  Sadie was wide-eyed the first half and then fell fast asleep for some peaceful moments.  Abbie & Jamie were such troopers the whole time, and they just seem like amazing people with big hearts and lots of pro mom and dad moments already!  I hope to get to photograph their one year family session as well!  I’m a blessed newborn photographer, that’s for sure.

Check out more peaceful, precious moments from this session in the Newborn Gallery!

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