Brackenridge Angel

Just a couple days ago I met this wonderful couple off Yelp, and we went to Brackenridge Park.  They just had their first baby who was premature and fresh from the hospital.  Isn’t she angelic?!  Miss Addison stole my heart right away and slept THE whole time.  Her parents, Lisa & Andrew, carried such peace and calm with them as they put up with all my crazy instructions and made the whole experience fun!  They even brought their golden retriever, Ace, along for the journey to accompany this Brackenridge Angel.

We went to a rocky bed beside a small creek and we also spent some time by the zoo train station where the grassy field is.  That’s all we needed!  I wanted to keep every frame from this session because of all the cuteness… seriously, I got home and had to wake up my 18 month old because I missed her so much and had to give her one more hug! (she wasn’t so thrilled)

Thank you, Lisa and Andrew, for scheduling with me and creating some forever memories!

~Hannah Charis

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