California Family

Time to break out the tripod!  This Summer I had so much fun spending time with my beautiful family.  On the right, the kids are Makenna, Halle, Blake & Landon.  The parents are my sister-in-law and brother, Christina & Elijah.  In the center is my mom and dad, Karen & David.  Next to my dad is my sister, Rachel.  Left of my sister is my family… me, Ben (my hubby) and then left to right is Caleb, Bailey & Jacob.  Raisa is being held by Ben.

This photo right here is why I am the wealthiest person on Earth.  I LOVE family and this is mine – I’m so excited to share this session with you because they all mean the world to me and I can’t imagine doing life without them.  Even though we are miles and miles apart, we chat every day, stay connected through FaceTime, group threads and traveling to see each other.  You had better bet I have a massive canvas of this photo already in my family room!!! Haha.

Thanks for stepping into my world for a sec to take a closer look into my California Family!! <3

~Hannah Charis

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