Tang Family

Meet Da, Jiay, Scarlett and Hugo… the Tang Family!  Also during this session, we were accompanied by Jiay’s mom, dad & brother which you can see by going to the FAMILY gallery.  I had a blast with them, even though I didn’t speak any Chinese!  They were playful and fun and made each other laugh which was perfect!
So starting out, we took some images of sweet Hugo (only 1 month NEW!), and he was sound asleep which made it SUPER easy!!  What a cutie!  Seriously.  Then, we took about an 8 minute walk down Stone Oak Park before we came to this beautiful opening!  (I love this part of town)  Of course we didn’t venture too far off the path and into the tall grass because of SNAKES and other creepy crawlies, but we were definitely able to capture some WONDERFUL memories.  And by the way, can you believe Jiay?!  This amazing mother just had a baby and she is rockin’ that dress!  Absolutely beautiful.  Scarlett was fun to hang out with as well… she’s two years old but has a beautiful and fun personality already!  I loved watching her twirl, light up when her dad told her in Chinese that she is beautiful and also light up when talking about the moon which we could see from the opening!
Da, thank you so much for contacting me and Jiay for finding me!  I absolutely loved our adventure together.
You can find more images from these photos in the FAMILY, CHILDREN and NEWBORN galleries!
~Hannah Charis

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