Chris and Danielle

This is Chris and Danielle, and they have two beautiful children, Ella and Charlie.  Aren’t they just a beautiful family??!  Danielle was my daughter’s 1st grade teacher, so it was an absolute honor to take this adventure with them.  As many of you San Antonians know, we went to Walker Ranch Park, known by the windmill in the background – what a WONDERFUL time.  Ella was a hoot!  I had my daughter, Bailey, with me as my assistant, and she already knew Ella and Danielle, so she was able to get Ella warmed up very quickly.

Danielle and Chris arrived in their blue colors for the first half of the session.  LOVED IT!  We went to the center of the park where all the foliage is and captured some beautiful back-lit moments.  We were next to -what looked to be- an armadillo hole, and there was a Chihuahua chasing a deer behind the scenes, so imagine that as you scroll through the gallery images… haha.  It makes it that much more fun and memorable.

The second outfit was, as you see above, so perfectly coordinated!  I absolutely love it! We traveled toward the windmill and the bridge for this outfit, which I think turned out just beautifully.  Charlie was all smiles every time he heard Mamma’s voice, and even Ella was loving on him which was adorable.  Thank you Chris and Danielle for this amazing San Antonio Photography experience you gave me and all the fun memories we now share.  Check out more from this session in the Children and Family galleries!

~Hannah Charis

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