Elijah and Christina

Aren’t Elijah and Christina just an absolutely beautiful couple?!  They are FILLED with joy, love, passion, Jesus – and they make the most adorable babies!  Blake, Landon, Halle & Makenna are their four beautiful children, and I had the honor and privilege of taking their family pictures while on vacation in California.  Did I mention, that’s my brother & Sister-in-law?! =)

The pictures here were taken at Mount Lassen where, yes, there is still snow in August!  I even had them do some sitting pictures in the snow! Haha – they were super excited about that! ;). This picture is of them walking in the snow, in flip flops, and they kept falling from the uneven snow… seriously, I wish this were a video instead of a still shot! Haha.  I smile every time I look at this picture because it just shows off how fun they are to hang out with.

After walking through the snow, we actually went with the entire family to see the Sulphur springs at Sulphur Works! Check out the link for more as it’s a blast to explore.  Thank you, Elijah and Christina, for a fun session, jam-packed with memories!

I love you guys!!! ~Hannah Charis

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